Euro Windows

Euro wooden windows

The windows have a straight, geometric shape and slender lines. The unusual way of opening to the outside guarantees more than just extraordinary tightness. It also allows for free arrangement of space around the window, as the sashes do not take up space inside. This type of window can be a great solution in any country. The product can be installed in houses located in areas exposed to strong winds, such as mountains, coastlines and open spaces. 

Euro Alu wooden windows are also available with an external aluminium cladding - Euro Alu.

Okno drewniane Thermo80 Alu Okno drewniane Thermo80 Alu - profil


Overall U-value Overall U-value 1,34 W/m2K
Acoustic value Acoustic value 32 - 40 dB (depending on the glazing unit)
Water-tightness class Water-tightness class Class E1050
Class of air permeability Class of air permeability Class 4
Resistance to wind load Resistance to wind load Class C2 - C4

Pine wood has a light colour and is an excellent base for water-based azure varnishes, which allow you to expose the natural grain. We colour the frames in fourteen different colours - from transparent and white, through light yellow and various shades of brown, to very dark colours. Colours are available in two price groups. Available as standard: colourless 666, white 9010, white 9016, bleached 1501, anthracite 7016, teak, nut and venge. For a small surcharge we offer such colours as: pine, graphite, rosewood, mahogany, cypress and aphromosia. An additional option is painting windows in RAL colours. This ensures that the window profiles have a uniform shade, without any visible wood structure.

Oak wood is light and has a uniform structure. We cover the frames with water-based azure varnishes, available in fourteen shades divided into two colour groups. As a standard, you get a choice of colours: colourless 7130, white 9010, white 9016, bleached 1501, anthracite 7016, teak and walnut. For a small surcharge we can colour the profiles in such shades as: mahogany, rosewood, aphromosia, cypress, pine, graphite and venge. Another variant is the use of opaque lacquers in colours from the RAL palette, which allow you to obtain a uniform colour of the frames.