Sokółka Okna i Drzwi provided windows, doors, roller shutters and decorative shutters. Thanks to the great cooperation and coordination on the part of Robin Project Management Ltd., combined with detailed documentation and high quality of the product, the house makes an amazing impression. We will definitely continue our next projects.

Avi Adar, Danny Rahimi

High product quality


Windows and sliding doors are spectacular, to put it mildly, massive and impressive. Wood is very warm, windows can be customized to suit all the customer's needs.

Luigi di Gulio

To put it mildly - spectacular windows


I needed wooden windows. Urgently. Everything worked out perfectly. Windows are second to none. The workmanship is flawless, the service is basically only by phone, but very competent. The price is absolutely worth every zloty. The windows work great and, what we wanted most, they muffle all unwanted sounds from the outside. We are very pleased and we heartily recommend it.

Natasza from Poznan (opinion from Google)

Windows are second to none

In a word, professionals. Both the service and the product at the highest level. After the experience with other suppliers, the meeting with the Sokolka showroom was an indescribable relief. Thank you very much again for perfect service :)

Michał from Lublin (opinion from Google)

Product at the highest level

We are a trading company operating in Germany and we have valued the cooperation with Sokółka Okna i Drzwi SA so far. Nice and competent service, fast order fulfillment and, most importantly, the high prduct quality, repeatedly confirmed by our customers, make the company a trusted and recommendable partner. Thank you very much.

Maciej Gomula i Piotr Kemski
Kembau Projekte

Fast order fulfillment

I was renovating an old house with my wife. At first, I hardly dared to start this project. The complexity was in details, but the technicians and Sokolka’s local partner gave me a lot of support. Windows and sliding doors have been in perfect harmony with the retrofitted external shutter systems. Every detail has been planned in advance and carefully implemented. There are many window systems and suppliers, perhaps even cheaper, but the cost savings due to precise preparation and planning were beneficial.

Stephan Lipp, Steyr, Austria

Systems that fit together

Sokolka sliding doors have met all our demands.  Our son, being very creative child, while having fun, tried to remove the door from the hinges a few times but with no success. We love the sunlight coming into the house from the outside and enjoy the warmth in our living room. Sliding doors turn our garden into an extra room in our daily life.

Andrea Hossinger, Wels, Austria

Light and warmth in our living room