1. Who is the Privacy Policy intended for?
    1. Sokółka Okna i Drzwi S.A. with its registered office in Sokółka (“We”, “Us”, “Sokółka”) provides the utmost care of the privacy of users of the www.sokolka.com.pl webpage (“Webpage”) and the www.sklep.sokolka.com.pl online store (“Online Store”). If You are a user of the Webpage or the Online Store, this Privacy Policy os intended for You.
    2. In the Privacy Policy You will find information about how we use the personal data shared by You, how we keep them safe and what are your rights and obligations.
    3. Remember that if You do not accept the Privacy Policy, you cannot use the Online Store in which you will not be able to place orders.
    4. The Privacy Policy is a part of the Sokółka Online Store regulations.
  2. Who is collecting my personal data?
    1. Sokółka Okna i Drzwi S.A. with its registered office in Sokółka (ul. Lotników Lewoniewskich 1, 16-100 Sokółka) is the administrator of Your personal data.
    2. In our company we have appointed a personal data protection inspector (who’s contact details you can find below), who’s task is to take care of the compliance of the personal data and privacy protection rules.
    3. If You have any questions concerning the Privacy Policy or personal data protection in general, contact us at iodo@sokolka.com.pl or by our mail address: Sokółka Okna i Drzwi S.A., ul. Lotników Lewoniewskich 1, 16-100 Sokółka.
  3. How are my personal data collected?
    1. If You visit our Sokółka Online Store, certain data about this event is collected automatically, especially:
      • IP address,
      • Type of Operating system,
      • Type of Web browser;
      The visit on our Webpage itself does not require any information or personal data to be provided by You.
    2. The collection of other personal data takes places voluntarily, e.g. by telephone, fax, e-mail, through our contact form or newsletter form only, when you will express your will to do so, for example to receive our offer or to place an order. With these measures you can give us your personal data, such as your:
      • first and last name,
      • e-mail address,
      • phone number,
      • delivery address,
      • data necessary to execute payment for an order
    3. Your personal data are collected also then you create and account in the Online Store or when you conclude a sale transaction and also when you decide to apply to us for work.
    4. To sum up, we can collect and further process your personal data for following purposes:
      • Concluding and executing a sales agreement of our products (including also accounting purposes);
      • Protection against possible claims arising from sales agreement or executing the 10-years warranty of our products;
      • Answering your precontractual questions (if you called or e-mailed us about our offer or if you asked us to prepare an offer for a certain premises/house);
      • Marketing of our own products (if you are our Client, then we can process your data for marketing purposes based on the so called reasonable interest, in other cases our marketing activity is based on Your consent);
      • Sending you a newsletter – if you consented to it;
      • Job application process - if you consented to it.
  4. How does collecting data for execuiting an order look like?
    1. Before you place an order in our Online Store, you can create an account in it, which makes placing further orders easier.
    2. Creating an account requires your e-mail address, which will also be your login and a password to secure your account.
    3. Your login and password are confidential. Remember to secure them from use by unauthorised persons.
    4. If you decide to place an order in our Online Store, we will need your data, like: first and last name (or company name), e-mail address, telephone number, delivery address, data to execute payment for the order and a tax identification number (if you are an entrepreneur).
    5. We collect your data for the purposes of concluding a sales agreement with you and also to execute it, the warranty agreement and for accounting purposes.
    6. Without delivering us the data mentioned in sections IV.2 and IV.4 we are not able to enter into an agreement with you,
  5. How does automatic data collecting look like? What are cookie files?
    1. As we mentioned before, on your visit to out Online Store we automatically collect some of your data. The data is collected by the so called cookie files (“Cookies”).
    2. Cookies are files sent to your computer or other device during browsing the Webpage or Online Store.
    3. Cookies lets us to remember and check your preferences. As a result we can i.a. correct your browsing results, take care of the accuracy of good viewed by you, as well as to save your sessions as a logged in user,
    4. Cookies do not modify or alter any setting in your device or in the software installed in your device.
    5. Please remember, that you have the right not to accept using Cookies by us (you can bock them).
    6. If you want to block Cookies, we recommend choosing proper settings in your web browser. you can find more information on this matter at http://wszystkoociasteczkach.pl.
    7. Usually Cookies can be removed from your browser by the option “delete history” and selecting cookies in the check box or by blocking the cookies downloading by your web browser.
    8. We would like to inform you, that using the Webpage equals consent to using Cookies by us. A proper information on this matter is displayed automatically on the first visit of a user to the Webpage or Sokółka Online Store. Blocking cookies or deleting them may cause interruptions in using the Online Store and some of its functions may be unavailable (saving you account password, automatic filling out of the order forms)
    9. Data collected automatically by us using cookies will be used for the purposes of user behaviour analysis in the Sokółka Online Store, collecting demographic data about the users and to personalise the content of the Sokółka Online Store. We would like to math our offer to your preferences and needs as much as possible and the personalisation of the Sokółka Online Store contents means, that the products viewed by you on the Webpage as recommended ones will be selected by us according to those previously viewed or bought by you do not accept such content personalisation, you can always contact us at ⦁ sklep@sokolka.com.pl and file a proper objection.
  6. For what purposes is personal data not deriving from cookies used for? Is it transferred to someone else?
    1. The personal data that you have given to us are used for:
      • concluding and executing the sales agreement and the warranty given by us,
      • order fulfilment and shipment of goods,
      • book keeping required by law,
      • taking marketing actions,
      • receiving your potential questions and reservations,
      • receiving your payments and their security,
      • managing the job application process if you have given us information about yourself,
    2. If it is necessary to fulfill the abovementioned activities, your data can be transferred to other entities. Such transfer can take place only with our consent, on grounds of an agreement and only to those, who can ensure proper protection and legal processing. This means that your data are transferred to:
      • Sokółka Okna i Drzwi Production S.A. with its registered office in Sokółka (production of good ordered by you),
      • couriers and assemblers,
      • banks and other financial institutions due to your payments,
      • our web hosting provider, who manages our www website and e-mail,
      • our e-mail marketing service provider (Freshmail sp. z o.o. in Kraków) and two companies who run our call center (Callpage sp. z o.o. in Kraków and Master Telecom Jacek Tomaszewski I Marcin Prochera sp.j. in Gdynia),
      • HR agencies, if we commision them to run the job application proces and the Workbuster app provider (Workbuster AB with its seat in Stockholm).
    3. If you are a resident of the European Union, we do not transfer any of your personal data outside the European Economic Area.
    4. If you consent for us to use your personal data to receive marketing information (e.g. a newsletter), your data will be collected and use for marketing purposes, that means to send you information about offers, promotions etc.,
    5. If you are not our client and did not consent to receiving marketing information by mail, text message or phone, your personal data given to us (e.g. our employee or consultant) directly, e.g. by our call center, can be used solely for the purposes of contacting you and providing necessary help.
    6. If you are our client, based on the so called reasonable interest we can contact you in order to promote our goods. However if you do not wish any phone or e-mail contact, then we can send you only written materials through traditional mail or display images in the Sokółka Online Store after logging in.
  7. Reservations on data processing
    1. We inform you that we will collect IP addresses of users visiting the Sokółka Online Store, which might be helpful with diagnosing technical problems with the server or creating statistical data (e.g. from which region we record the most visits).
    2. Data obtained as above might be used to administer and improve the Sokółka Online Store.
    3. Data obtained as above might be transferred to other entities in order to process the statistics regarding using the Sokółka Online Store. In this case however, no data enabling you identification will be transferred.
  8. Do I have access to my personal data? Can I withdraw my earlier consent to obtain marketing information?
    1. Remember that in any time you are entitled to access your personal data. With no extra charge you can obtain from us a copy of your personal data in our possession..
    2. You can also always obtain information from us regarding:
      • the purposes of processing your personal data,
      • the kind of data being processed,
      • to whom the data is being transferred to,
      • How long we intend to store your personal data.
    3. You have a right to:
      • correct your data,
      • delete or limit your data if it is no longer necessary for purposes, that you had given them to us (executing the order and related accounting and archive purposes) or if you have withdrawn your consent for its processing.
    4. In any time you can withdraw your consent to obtain marketing information via e-mail or phone contact. You can do so by calling our call center at +48 800 122 822, or if you are calling from a mobile phone: +48 (85) 733 64 40. The withdrawal of consent is also available through e-mail at iodo@sokolka.com.pl. In the bottom of our every e-mail newsletter you will find a deactivating link, which you can use to unsubscribe from the mailing list. You can also withdraw the newsletter consent by choosing a proper check-box in your Online Store account settings.
    5. You can file a total objection to processing your data for marketing purposes.
    6. From the moment of accepting the order by you, data used to make it cannot be changed.
    7. We cannot change the automatically collected data.
    8. You can make alterations to your personal data after registering and logging in the Online Store, in your account settings.
    9. We can refuse to delete your data if they are necessary to execute our claims or for defense or in order to comply with the law.
  9. Is my personal data secured?
    1. Your data is secured by us by the application of organizational and technical measures, necessary and appropriate to prevent risk of breaching your rights and freedoms.
    2. In particular we secure your personal data against sharing it with unauthorized persons, its damage od loss.
    3. The Sokółka Online Store is password protected and accessible only by authorizes persons.
    4. The transfer of information between you and the Sokółka Online Store is encrypted.
    5. Safety of data transferred is ensured due to the application of SSL protocol transmission (Secure Socket Layer v3). SSL works by encrypting data before sending them from your web browser and decoding after safely reaching the Sokółka Online Store providing server.
    6. Remember that you are obliged on your own to ensure proper safety of your Online Store logging password against unauthorized third person access.
  10. Is the responsibility for personal data protection limited in some cases?
    1. Remember that we are not liable and we do not take the risk connected with disclosing your login and password to your Online Store account by you (including also the event of incorrect security) or enabling the usage of your account in other ways.
    2. If you notice that an unauthorized person used your Sokółka Online Store account or if you notice any other breach of Sokółka Online Store safety regulations, please contact us on sklep@sokolka.com.pl or by phone : +48 691 990 182.
    3. This document (Privacy Policy) does not refer to services and good offered by entities other, than Sokółka which are displayed in the Online Store based on a reciprocal basis or not intended to reach a business purpose. ⦁ If you use the job application tool on our website, i.e. the Workbuster app, we recommend reading their privacy policy available [here]
  11. General Provisions.
    1. The regulations specified in this Privacy Policy are governed by Polish law.
    2. You can always file a complaint on our handling with your personal data. The complaint can be filed to the Polish authority: Prezes Urzędu Ochrony Danych Osobowych.
    3. Remember, that we can unilaterally amend the Privacy Policy provided there is a necessity to adjust to our current offer and conditions, for example when:
      • we will modify the offer of Sokółka Online Store,
      • the provisions regarding providing internet services will change,
      • A case of force majeur will occur.
    4. If amendments to the Privacy Policy will occur, we will notify you about the fact via e-mail on the e-mail address given by you.
    5. The new Privacy Policy is binding for you, if you will not terminate it in 30 (thirty) days from the day of the notification.
    6. If you concluded a sales agreement before the Privacy Policy amendment, the previous version is binding for you.
    7. This Privacy Policy comes into force on 01.10.2019.