Thermo 80 – timber window

Thermo 80 timber window is a modern product in which the combination of great frame thickness and energy-efficient glazing system creates an ideal solution for those who want innovative windows at an affordable price. In this video you will see:

  • Viennese glazing bars
  • adjustment of summer/winter tilt function
  • sash opening restrictor, limiting the maximum opening angle to prevent the window sash from hitting the wall

Euro Alu – Scandinavian timber window

Euro Alu window  combines the natural beauty of wood with aluminium durability. Thanks to the possibility of opening outwards, it is a perfect product for people who value unconventional solutions. This video presents exemplary functionalities of Sokółka windows, such as:

  • external aluminium cladding
  • Side Swing – outward opening type of window
  • restrictor - sash mechanism used in tilt position, which protects against the wind

Elite 92 Alu Flush – aluminium clad window

Elite 92 Alu Flush window is a perfect combination of design, noble materials and modern technology. This profile will be suitable for people who value good design, a sense of security and high quality products. In this video you will see:

  • child safety restrictor
  • energy-efficient triple glazing with low-emissivity coating
  • modern, flush aluclad on the external part of the frame and sash - FLUSH

Eco Line Alu – patio doors

Eco Line sliding patio doors respond to the demand for large glazing areas. At the same time, they are easy to operate, simple to install and reasonably priced. This video shows the following door features:

  • external sliding sash (providing greater door tightness)
  • low fiberglass threshold (possible to install on the finished floor)
  • slimline frame elements, allowing more daylight to enter the room

Thermo HS Alu

Thermo HS Alu patio doors with large glazing not only let more light into the house, but also have an impact on the interior, which thanks to wooden frames is more cozy and friendly to the household members. In this video you will see:

  • ECO PASS low and warm threshold
  • External aluminium cladding
  • comfortable and convenient opening system

Optima – Scandinavian timber window

Optima timber window is a product that gives the interior a unique aesthetic and creates a pleasant atmosphere. The minimalist design of the windows allows for free arrangement of space around the window. In this video you will see:

  • opening restrictor
  • handle and the child safety restrictor
  • outward opening possibility

Optima Alu – aluclad window

Optima Alu is a product of the highest quality for clients who value the original and timeless style. Wood adds aesthetic value to the entire building, while aluminum protects the interior of the house against weather conditions. In this video you will see:

  • ornamental glazing CREPI with glazing bars
  • outward or inward opening
  • low fiberglass threshold (can be installed on the finished floor)

Thermo 80 PSK Comfort – patio doors

Thermo 80 PSK Comfort door is not only simple and convenient to use, it is additionally equipped with a handle-operated sash tilt mechanism, which allows for easy sash extension and further sliding. In this video you will see;

  • handle controlled tilt function
  • multi-point circumferential espagnolette lock ensuring the highest tightness
  • comfortable sash sliding mechanism, providing excellent ventilation of the room

Thermo 80 Alu Quadrat – aluclad window

The combination of precious wood with a modern aluminum structure in the Thermo 80 Alu Quadrat window meets the expectations regarding beauty and durability. The windows not only look impressive, but are also very warm. This video shows, for example:

  • anti-burglary catches
  • multi-tilting function – four possible tilt levels
  • locking the sash in any opening position – handle opening restrictor

Thermo 80 Alu Classic – aluclad doors

Thermo 80 Alu wood-aluminum doors ensure a pleasant atmosphere, providing comfort and warmth emanating from natural wood, and durability thanks to the external aluminium cladding. Doors are available in a wide range of colors and finishes. In this video we present:

  • low, warm threshold
  • inward opening possibility
  • outside lock option