In the mid-2018, we began the certification process of lift and slide terrace doors THERMO HS and THERMO HS ALU systems at the British Board of Agrément (BBA) in Watford, Great Britain in terms of meeting the current increased security requirements of PAS 24.


In addition to strength and burglary resistance tests, we have conducted the weather test set specified by EN 14351-1: 2006 + A2: 2016. In the course of the tests, we have obtained confirmation of very high product parameters. It is with great satisfaction that we can announce that our lift and slide terrace doors have successfully passed the above tests and thus received the PAS 24 certificate.

It is very important for us and our foreign Business Partners, as according to current regulations all newly constructed buildings in the United Kingdom should be fitted with window and door joinery that complies with the stringent British safety standards.

The tests have included lift and slide terrace doors in wooden and wooden-aluminum versions - type A with a single sliding sash, equipped with a Siegenia ECO PAS threshold and an EV1 handle with cylinder from the inside and a handgrip from the outside.

In addition to the strength and burglary resistance tests according to the PAS 24 Standard, we have conducted a set of weather tests specified in EN 14351-1: 2006 + A2: 2016, with the methods specified in:

EN 1026: 2016 Windows and Doors – Air Permeability
EN 1027: 2016 Windows and Doors – Watertightness
EN 12211: 2016 Windows and Doors – Resistance to wind load

In the course of tests, we have achieved very high product parameters, classifying them accordingly:

  • Air Permeability - class 4
  • Watertightness - class 9a
  • Resistance to wind load- class C5

We also carried out the strength tests having achieved the following parameters:

BS 6375 Part 3 – Basic Safety Tests; passed
BS 6375-2 : 2009 – Light and Heavy Impact Tests — Class 2
BS 6375-2 :2009 – Hard Impact Tests — Class 2

Subsequently, we have performed the key tests in the scope of complying with the requirements of PAS 24: 2016 and consisting of:

  • a tampering attempt around the cylinder
  • an attempt to force the cylinder with a screwdriver, chisel or knife
  • an attempt to force through the glass by cutting it out
  • an attempt to force the sash – mechanical anti-burglary tests with the use of actuator

In the case of mechanical tests, we have decided to use the additional hook strikers enhancing the closing side jamb - pressure of active and fixed sash in the area of the head and lower jambs

As confirmed by the Certificate BBA - PS 1 for our lift and slide terrace doors:

  • Thermal transmittance — excellent heat transfer coefficient (U-value) 1.0 W/m2·K for doors size 2000x2180mm (see section 6).
  • Tightness – Thermo HS are suitable for harsh weather conditions (see chapter 7).
  • Ventilation – due to its ergonomic design, terrace doors allow for quick ventilation of the room (see chapter 8).
  • Security – this is an excellent protection against unauthorized access to apartments, houses and commercial premises (see section 9).
  • Durability — Sokółka terrace doors will continue to function satisfactorily for a period in excess of 25 years (see chapters 15 and 16).


If you are interested in our entire offer, we would like to inform that our other Thermo 80, Thermo 80 ALU, Elite, Elite 92 ALU products are also PAS 24 certified. This allows us to provide the complete and safe window solutions for the whole building

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