Dear customers

The European Community, Polish Government, the business companies and the whole society are undertaking very important steps to limit the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

For the sake of common health, Sokółka Okna i Drzwi has introduced a number of actions and procedures in this difficult period. In addition to training and information activities raising employees' awareness of personal protection, we have implemented a number of organizational changes / shift work / limiting direct contact of employee groups.

In addition to health protection, our activities focus on maintaining attractive lead times for the production of wooden windows and doors, ensuring continuity of supply and product quality at the highest level.

We have also limited the business meetings to the necessary minimum, and provided employees with the opportunity to work remotely to ensure convenient contact and the best sales service.

Our sales advisors are at your disposal for consulting, preparing quotes, handling inquiries and providing you with all information about the offer and the status of your orders.

Please send all questions by e-mail to, and by phone or using the WhatsApp messenger:

  • contact in English: +48 691 990 310, +48 691 990 186
  • contact in German: +48 885 560 666
  • contact in Italian: +48 691 990 197
  • contact in Russian: +48 691 990 310

We wish everyone health, join the appeal to stay at home, care for family and neighbours, and in your free time we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer. Please, remember that by protecting our own health, we protect our loved ones.

Sokółka Okna i Drzwi S.A.